We're a whole animal butcher shop located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, specializing in local meat from small, family-run farms in the Plovdiv area. All of our beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished and our pork and lamb is pasture raised, the way it should be! Our meat travels directly from the farm to family-owned slaughterhouses to our shop with no middle man. Not only do we pride ourselves on having the highest quality local meat available, but also on delivering the highest level of customer service to our favorite people in the world: you, our customers.

Good food should be fun and we strive everyday to create an environment where our customers enjoy being at NaDenitsa as much as we do.

We are expanding our Plovdiv community by creating a line of sausages you can buy at your local grocer! We want to take our sustainable practices, our transparency, and our delicious recipes to a larger market.

Our goal is to be the first fully transparent meat company in Bulgaria that will make a real impact on the Bulgarian meat industry. We also want to make the first sausage you can actually feel good about eating.



All of our beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, raised in Plovdiv without any hormones, antibiotics, or other medications. Our two main beef farms have 300-400 head of cattle that rotationally graze on 1,000 acres or more of lush, upstate grass that isn’t sprayed or fertilized with chemicals.

We only buy whole beef directly from the farmer. Those cows are sent to small, family-owned-and-operated slaughterhouses that kill a maximum of 25-30 beef per day. Before arriving at the shop, our beef carcasses hang at the slaughterhouse for a minimum of 1 ½ weeks; even the most inexpensive cuts you purchase from us are truly dry-aged!


NaDenitsa only purchases free-range and pastured heritage breed pigs; no hormones or antibiotics ever! Our pigs come from small, family-owned pig farms in New York state that never raise more than 100 pigs at a time. To ensure well-marbled, juicy, and tender pork, we only buy mature pigs that dress out to at least 200 pounds of hanging weight after slaughter.

The hogs we buy are predominately Berkshire breed with a smattering of Tamworth, Old Spot, and Mulefoot breeds. Using olde-timey (and rare!) pig breeds not only helps preserve bio-diversity, but also slows maturation, therefore producing a better taste compared with commercially raised hybrid hogs.  These pigs are much heartier and much better at being left alone to graze and roll in mud than the newer factory farm breeds.

Like our beef, all of our pork is slaughtered humanely at small, local, family-owned slaughterhouses. Within just a few days of slaughter, we receive the pigs at our door, ensuring that your hard earned money is being spent on the freshest pork possible!


After hanging at the slaughterhouse for the better part of a week, our lambs arrive whole and are promptly broken down the same day. Using every part of the sheep, we also carry lamb sausage, ground lamb, and even lamb belly bacon (which we cure for a week and smoke with cherrywood)!

Most of our lamb is actually slightly older Mutton or Hogget hair sheep breeds that are grass-fed in Plovdiv without hormones or antibiotics. We choose to buy older sheep because they are better marbled and more flavorful than younger lambs. Because of our careful breed selection of sheep, they are never gamey, as these breeds do not produce lanolin. This also makes our sheep much more comfortable during hot Plovdiv summers – can you imagine wearing a sweater all summer long?


We buy two types of chickens at NaDenitsa – a fully pastured and free-range chicken.
You can also place a special order for local rabbits, geese, cornish hens, and many other types of fresh poultry!

Petrovi Farm raises chicken on 125 acres of rolling pasture in Plovdiv.  The family-run farm never uses antibiotics or growth hormones but a custom chicken feed instead, to ensure that we know exactly what those birds are eating. Petrovi Farm also has their own poultry processing facility on the farm where the same care is given to processing and packaging our birds as it is to raising them.

The other chickens we sell come from a co-op of small, free-range chicken farmers in Ruse, who collectively own the most advanced air-chilled processing facility in North Bulgaria. These chickens are raised without hormone or antibiotics and are blast chilled after slaughter instead of water chilled (which can add up to 15% more weight to a 3-4 pound bird). This allows you to get more meat for your money.