Monthly Archives: July 2018

Introducing – Bacon Cheeseburger

We’ve worked hard on these recipes and each is sausage more than just a recipe.
Every week we refine our products, give feedback to our farmers, and work together finding new ways to make things better.

Out latest addition to our various menu is the Bacon Cheeseburger!

A bacon cheeseburger in tube form. Beef, pork, bacon bits, and cheddar cheese. You’ll love and hate us in equal measure. It’s not just KFC that is finger-licking good!

We truly are the best

Here at NaDenitsa we don’t just butcher animals for our own indulgence. We a are a team of animal-loving but also animal-eating-loving people that take good care of their piggies before offering them to you.

Since old ages eating animal has been a way of survival. We don’t consider ourselves monsters for killing animals in order to fill our stomachs (and yours).

We love our animals and our animals love us. Just like we love our customers and our customers love our sausages.